Swedler, P.C.

Why We Are Different

Healthcare reimbursement is far more complex than just paid and unpaid medical bills. Representing healthcare providers requires an understanding of private and public health insurance, employer health benefit plans, managed care contracting, commercial insurance & no-fault insurance laws, and the different types of reimbursement methodologies.

When healthcare providers treat patients with foreign health insurance benefits or travel insurance, the challenges they’re confronted with are unconventional.  Health benefits may be government sponsored and universal for foreign citizenry and/or through a dedicated health ministry.  Healthcare laws of foreign countries may be out of the ordinary.  There are language, cultural, and political obstacles.

Clients call us a niche healthcare law practice.  We are not like the traditional legal back-up (i.e. collections attorneys and so forth), who hospitals usually have the pleasure of turning to. Our approach & legal strategies are different. And they change with what goes on in healthcare.

We keep our clients ahead of the curve rather than behind the eight ball.

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